The Importance of Planning for Elder Care

Few expectant parents would dare wait until mom’s water breaks to start thinking about accommodations for the baby. Yet, when it comes to elder care planning, too many of us sit in denial about the needs of aging parents or other loved ones. The middle of a crisis – when it’s clear that mom or granddaddy or auntie needs help – is the worst time to try to put together a care plan. Everybody’s emotions are high. Maybe your loved one is unable because of physical, mental or emotional reasons to tell you where important documents are or if they have made a plan of their own.

Yes, it is difficult to have those conversations with your parents or other elderly family members. Who wants to discuss home health care aids, nursing homes or giving up a cherished home to move in with one of the kids? So we put if off a few more times until decision time is a bullet train hurdling at you 350 miles an hour.

For your own sanity, heed the advice of Dave Nesbit, founder and managing partner at Keystone Elder Law, and don’t put off difficult conversations or planning. If you are fortunate, your loved ones will be with you for a very long time to come. They just need for you to be as prepared as they were for you all those years ago.

Author: Retha Hill

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