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Talking to mom these days is like watching a gif. Or the movie “Groundhog Day.” She repeats. She gets lost going down the hallway. She is shocked to see me if I’ve stepped out of her sight for just a few moments. Mom’s short-term memory is on its final good-bye. However, her long-term memory is still fairly functional.

Music and Memory Scrapbook for Mother’s & Father’s Day

New evidence shows that music can help elders reclaim a bit of their former selves. Tunes from their younger days can bring back powerful memories from when they were starting out in life. Or when their marriage was young and their children were babies.

Cover of Mahalia Jackson album The World's Greatest Gospel Singer

Mahalia Jackson was a popular and beloved gospel legend that many will remember

LifeSongs is a recordable memory book where care-givers can scrapbook photos and music from happier times to help a forgetting senior to remember — if only for a while. The book offers 12 large pages where you and your loved one can put in photos and memorabilia such as newspaper clippings or graduation announcements or holiday cards and where you can record an appropriate tune or your own voice. Perhaps you want to narrate an important time, like your parents wedding ceremony or the birth of their first child or the time they moved to their first house. It is an activity you can do together or perhaps one that you can create and give as a gift. After all, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner. You can buy the book for less than $30 at the LifeSongs web site.

Image of Billy Eckstine by Old Grey Wolf under Creative Commons License 2.0

Author: Retha Hill

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