Elder Care? An App for That

Can the tech elite reinvent the way we care for people as they age? A new venture founded by some of Silicon Valley’s savviest tech folk want to create new ways of getting care to senior citizens in the same way that they used technology to make it easier to crowd source fundraising or hail a ride to the airport.

According to Forbes Magazine, the founders of a new company called Honor want to do just that. “We are working to completely modernize in-home care for seniors,” Seth Sternberg, the co-founder and CEO of Honor, told the magazine. “Our goal is to keep our parents in their homes for as long as we possibly can.” Sternberg sold his last company, Meebo, to Google.

A new company could make finding senior care easier.

A new company could make finding senior care easier.

Honor hopes to help match home health care workers to seniors and families in need. Caregivers will be able to list their skills, availability and how far they are willing to travel. Seniors or their families can list what type of provider they need, the hours and any special considerations, such as if they need a person who can speak Spanish.

Honor will pay their contractors at least $15 an hour, which is higher than the average low wage. Besides the better wages, the company’s founders hope that the idea of better control over schedule and the ability to turn down assignments if, for example, the job is too away will help to recruit experienced in-home care workers.

The company will pilot the program in San Francisco before expanding to other parts of the state and, eventually, other parts of the country.

Author: Retha Hill

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