Caring for Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s

The Wall Street Journal recently took a look at three couples struggling with the devastation of Alzheimer’s.  Couples that have been together for decades are facing this last journey as a team, despite the physical and emotional toll this type of service demands.

We hear from a scientist who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and his wife of 34 years as they implement more and more resources to help him cope with short-term memory loss. We hear from a gay couple where one is in an Alzheimer’s care facility and the other works about 30 minutes away in Philadelphia. And we hear from a couple who has been married for nearly 48 years. That is history but it is fading for her.

For more than 15 million Americans, caring for loved ones with advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s is daily grind, but one done with love.

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Author: Retha Hill

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